SPA with sauna, whirlpool, turkish bath on Lake Garda (Brescia)

The well-being is a state of mind that interacts with all our system and safeguard it is essential, for this reason our residence offers environments and services that aim to an authentic contact and allow this extraordinary mission.

Let your body could get lost with your mind in a reality conceived to meet your relaxation needs and your welfare objectives, thanks to high-efficiency multi-functional processing and environments devoted to spa routes.

Choose herbal tea or infusion that your body wants, from a large selection, or listen to experts tips about to how to nourish your well-being also from within.

Visit our facility and find out how modernity, technology and experience marry relaxation and deep comfort.

SPA with sauna, whirlpool, turkish bath on Lake Garda (Brescia)

Residenza dei limoni

SPA with sauna, whirlpool, turkish bath on Lake Garda



We choose together the most suitable treatment for your needs, in order to achieve the desired objectives.



Our products make you protagonist and accomplice: you can start in your specialized center and continue at home, under the guidance of your beauty trainer.



An experienced and constantly updated team, able to meet every need by creating a personalized and cared path on your person.



The SPA treatment includes sensory herbal tea, bathrobe, towel, flip-flops and body wash.

SPA with sauna, whirlpool, turkish bath on Lake Garda (Brescia)


Elizabeth Arden PRO is the skin treatment line designed to conquer a higher level of skin resurfacing. Imagine your skin with a fresher, healthier and younger appearance, daily preserved by the advanced level of protection, specifically designed to maintain beauty, smoothness and elasticity.


HESITO® is the bodily well-being project founded on the best cosmeceutical strategies allowing to live the joy of the result. Before even being a body treatment, HESITO® is a way of life, a precious and indispensable innovation for those who, like you, believe in the pleasure of liking yourself.


It is an incredibly effective and high-performing treatment, which in a quick time will restore, to those who choose it, manicured hands and treated feet. Wide choice of colors thanks to the Fedua line.


BRAZILIAN WAXING is the integral hair removal method commonly known, in Italy, as elastic wax.
It is a non-traumatic method, specifically dedicated to hard hair and sensitive skin. It captures the hair in depth, also the shortest hair.
It melts at low temperature, slightly above body temperature; the skin remains hydrated, soft and silky for a long time.


``Massage is writing poetry with an ink called oil`` D.M. Wide selection of massages to rebalance the body, to clear your head and finding harmony also in pairs. Share an experience that embraces the five senses and savor unforgettable moments of absolute relaxation.


Residence of Limoni doesn’t want to give up on steam room’s wood smell, Turkish bath’s and emotional shower’s flavourings and benefits, with the addition of an area of pure freshness, where the snowflakes, collected in a fountain, give an intense and healthy cooling.
And finally, our pool with water features in the legs and in the cervical area.


From the most ancient knowledge to the future is AEMOTIO SPA. A multifunction cabin that contains the most modern treatment technologies, from hydrotherapy to peeling, from cellulite seaweed treatments to slimming, toning, exfoliating, and for stress sessions, up to chromotherapy and Moroccan soap, to end with the Hesito Sun & Care sessions.


For all skin types, from the most sensitive to the strongest, HESITO Sun&Care offers a facial and body treatment that regulates the relationship between your skin and the sun, during preparation, exposure, maintenance and recovery period. Its main dermal functions are hydration, excoriation, nourishment, purification, detoxification and the production of active sun-tanning stimuli.


Its main objective is to offer customers with a sweet expectation, a complete package for Beauty and Wellness in pregnancy in competence and safety.
• a philosophy of professional approach during gestation, birth and after childbirth
• an excellent cosmeceutics conceived for the Mother and her Child


Come and discover the thousand-year-old pleasure and effectiveness of the essences.
Let yourself be enveloped by the multiple benefits of aromatherapy and immerse yourself in the vivid sensations of color therapy.
A simple CHROMA TEST, with the support of your beautician, helps you to outline feelings and needs of the moment, also relating them to your aesthetic and wellness needs, to offer you highly effective chromoaromaterapici treatments.

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